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Purple Mage by Sheltie2b
Purple Mage
Artist: Kirsten McKenzie…
Instagram: Kekreationsart
Syris Expression Sheet by Sheltie2b
Syris Expression Sheet
Working on a face study of Syris while practicing a new style :)

Artist: Kirsten McKenzie…
Instagram: Kekreationsart
Blue Sword Girl by Sheltie2b
Blue Sword Girl
Artist: Kirsten McKenzie…
Instagram: Kekreationsart
Syris Fire by Sheltie2b
Syris Fire
Because I can't get enough of her, and need to practice lighting and backgrounds more.

Artist: Kirsten McKenzie…
Instagram: Kekreationsart

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Alrighty, here's the backstory of my favorite character :). Be warned it's really intense and my writing is horrid because it's been SO long since I've written an actual story. It's also rushed because I mostly wanted to just get out the main defining points in her life, not all the details in between. I might add more to her story, since it ends a little bit depressing, I guess? I'm currently considering doing a comic-type thing for her future story. I'm not sure. Sorry its so long!<3

Syris stirred one chilly morning, lying in dragon form beside her husband, Aeson. She let out a dragonic groan as she yawned and got up to stretch, her back arching much like a cat's. She turned to see that her movement had awoken Aeson as he let out a deep rumble. She perked up and looked over at the high nest within the deep cave that kept the three young dragons from wandering outside the cave while herself and Aeson slept. She walked over, her talons tapping on the stone floor and leaned her neck down over the side of the nest. A small maroon dragon perked up and hurried over, nuzzling her small face against Syris' forehead. The maroon was a strong contrast to Syris' deep royal blue color, splashed with yellow and orange mixed markings. The small dragon much more resembled Aeson, a deep purple and red dragon.

"Hello, my dear Gia." Syris said softly to her daughter, then turned her yellow eyes to observe the other small dragons-- her nephews. Syris grabbed Gia gently in her jaws and lifted her out of the nest, letting her run over to her father. Syris gave Aeson a dragon grin as she met his tired eyes and the smaller dragon bounded into him. She turned, hearing familiar voices outside the cave and walked towards the entrance, smoothly shifting into her petite, dark, wavy haired, human form. She wore a simple brown and black tunic and trousers, and outfit unsuitable in public during the fifteenth century. The small group outside of the cave consisted of only five people-- her parents, younger sister, older brother and brother's wife. Her family greeted her with half smiles this early morning and Syris had already guessed something was wrong. The whole family rarely assembled here unless there was an issue that needed to be spoken of without risk of humans hearing it. They had a large house in town where all of them could fit, but the younglings were unable to control their shifting abilities for several years, so someone had to stay at the cave at all times to watch them. Syris and Aeson highly preferred their dragon forms to their human ones, so they readily volunteered for the charge most days.

"The dragon slayers have found a new poison," her father, Barak, explained, turning towards her.
This didn't seem cause for alarm to her, "They've come up with dozens of poisons before," Syris responded, "None of them seem very effective to us."

Barak's brow furrowed "The rumor is that it takes away our shifting ability for a short time, trapping us in our human forms."

Syris frowned at this information; if this was true, it meant grave danger for all of them. In dragon form they were almost invincible in combat with slayers but stuck in human form, they would be equally matched and it would make a slayer's job much easier. "Do we have proof of this rumor?" She questioned

Her brother Habel spoke up "They've done public hangings of two that I know of. I can't see how they would be able to that without limiting their dragon abilities. They're justifying it by calling us demons, saying the colors of our eyes prove this theory. They do whatever they want." Nearly all dragons had unusually bright, colorful eyes that didn't change when shifting into human form. This made many humans uneasy. Syris's eyes remained a bright yellow-gold, in contrast, her husband's eyes were a bright red.

Syris hissed a curse at this information, "I prefer the days when all of humanity was too terrified of us to dare get anywhere near." she mused.

Her mother, Thea, just nodded. "We'll be going back into town soon. You should come with us Syris; it's been nearly a week since you've been in town and the people around us will start to notice." Syris started to protest but Thea cut her off, "Aeson can take care of the small ones. He's been down recently enough. Just make an appearance for the day and you can come back up here."

Syris agreed and not long after she had changed into an appropriate dress and she kissed her tall, dark-haired husband farewell. Then she and the rest of her family started the hour-long trek back to town.

The next afternoon Syris got ready to go out into town as her family suggested. Her mother had gone up to the cave a couple hours before to check on things and insisted Syris stay with the others for the rest of the day. Syris finished pinning her hair back and walked outside to join her father and siblings. She perked up, hearing a commotion near the center of town and their group started that way, listening carefully as they got closer. She heard a man aggressively yelling something about "cursed" and "demons" and Syris picked up her pace, those words sounding familiar. There was a tight crowd of people listening intently and surrounding the gallows. Syris growled as she pushed her small frame through the people, her family members not far behind. She froze when she spotted the tall, bound up male standing on the gallows ahead of her. Aeson! Her muscles wanted to sprint forward in a desperate attempt to free her husband but she felt strong hands withholding her as he body bounded forward. She growled and cast a glare at her father and brother, but more terror showed in her eyes than anger. She knew they were protecting her-- if they could take down Aeson they could just as easily over power her. Her heart raced and she felt as if she might vomit as she looked back at Aeson. His hands and feet were bound and he stood stiffly as the hangman placed the noose over his neck. Even though they weren't extremely close his red dragon eyes had spotted their little clan and zeroed in on Syris. No fear showed in his eyes, just sorrow and a sense of "I'm sorry." She felt her breathing become heavier and tears formed in her eyes. "I love you." Aeson mouthed to her and Syris mouthed back the words with trembling lips. The man standing at the front still spat out lies about dragons, but she had tuned it out. Her vision blurred with tears as the rope above Aeson tightened and a guttural scream escaped her lips. She was quickly stifled though by a strong hand over her mouth and other hands still held her body back from lurching forward in rage and terror.

"Hush, dear one. Getting yourself killed will not bring him back." Her father whispered harshly in her ear. "We must go."

Her father and brother practically carried her away, as her body refusing to move in a productive manor. Everything inside of her being screamed. They bustled through the door of their large home and found Thea already inside, gathering items into suitcases in a hurried manor.

She stopped as he placed her violet eyes on Syris's pale face and walked over, wrapping her arms around her daughters small form. "I'm so sorry, dear one." She whispered, holding back tears.
Barak met eyes with his wife, "The cave?" He asked hopelessly.

Thea shook her head, "There's nothing left." She said quietly, and felt Syris's form heave as a sob escaped her mouth and tears flowed freely now-- she had lost both her husband and child this day. Her mother tightened her comforting grip on her and the others hurried to gather their essential items. They would have to move quickly, it was not longer safe here.

Syris wandered into a coffee shop, it was the late 1900's now, several hundred years passed that horrid day. Her human form seemed to have only aged around five or six years though and she appeared to be in her early twenties, as opposed to her teens. She was now close to two thousands years in age. Dragons were not immortal but aged much differently and slower than humans. The first few years of their lives they aged normally, a necessity of survival for a young dragon, and as they grew older their aging slowed more and more. Her parents now neared at least five thousand years but had lost track of the exact number; though they only appeared to be in their mid forties. Syris had no knowledge of a dragon who had died of natural causes or age. Only murder, since the dragon slayers had emerged in the middle ages. She was unaware of how many outside of her tight family group still lived, they had lost all contact with others. She received her black coffee and sat down at a table, thumbing the dragon-shaped ring on her middle finger-- the dragon version of a wedding ring. This particular ring had rubies for eyes, representing the eye color of Aeson, her late husband. The ring was also a significant message to other hidden dragons of who they were. Another dragon could recognize and pick up on the small detail instantly. She stopped her thumbing and opened a sketchbook filled with magnificently detailed and accurate drawings. The past century she had picked up this trade, having gone through many more already.

She was startled as a man appearing in his late twenties, with dark red hair sat at the table across from her. "Hello there," he said in a friendly tone.

Syris looked up at him with a glare with her bright yellow eyes but was surprised to be met with kind, unusual, bright teal-colored eyes. Her expression softened, but she stayed cautious, "Um, hello," she said slowly, eyeing him over. She tried to maintain a calm demeanor as she noticed a ring similar to hers on his finger, this one having what seemed to be amethysts for eyes. No, this was impossible. She turned her eyes back to him and was met with a knowing smile as he glanced down at the ring on her finger.

"Those are magnificent drawings." He commented calmly, and then held this hand out "Excuse me, my name is Horos." he told her with a smooth smile.

"Thank you," she said, then took his hand, a small smile forming on her lips "My name is Syris." She told him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Horos said happily.

Over the months Syris kept in close contact with Horos, introducing him to her family and eventually, with him bringing up the topic-- speaking of their shared dragon origin. What she had suspected but convinced herself too good to be true was real. Her family was all equally blown away but excited. This new character gave them hope they hadn't had in years. Maybe they weren't going extinct after all. Her family had quizzed him extensively about his past and family before accepting him as one of their own. But once he had earned their trust, he was around quite often and they spoke openly of being dragons with him. If Syris was honest with herself, she found herself slowly falling in love with the man. She had been brokenhearted and grieving for so long, she nearly forgot what the feeling was. Some days she wasn't sure if it was actually Horos she was in love with or just the fact that she hadn't met another dragon outside of her direct family in years. But the longer she knew him the more she felt a true sense of affection for him, he was extremely kind and giving. Her family had also grown to love, trust, and welcome him in, which was a huge factor as well-- her family was everything to her.

One evening Syris arrived home from work and smiled as she noticed Horos' car in the driveway. He had no family of his own, so it wasn't unusual for him to come join her family for dinner or just to be around them. She opened the front door, oddly unlocked and walked in. As she roamed her eyes around the front room her heart jumped as she immediately noticed the chaos of the area; side tables over turned, books and magazines thrown about the room. Her heart raced as she dropped her things and tried to listen for any signs of life. Maybe they had gotten away? She tried to stop her brain from jumping to the worse case scenario: dragon slayers. People had their houses broken into all the time and normal robbers would be an easy match for her family. Her stomach churned as her eyes locked onto the blood splatter on the wall. She slowly walked that direction, her muscles starting to shake from fear and adrenaline releasing into her body. She turned the corner into the kitchen and nearly screamed at the sight before her but covered her mouth in horror. She found her various family members spread around the area, all lying in a pool of their own blood. She felt a mixture of hundreds of emotions and could barely move. How could this have happened? How was it possible? She paused and dared to look over the room again, Horos was not among the dead. She felt a sliver of hope-- maybe he had escaped somehow. Her thoughts and senses were too muddled to hear the quiet footsteps behind her and she cried out in pain as a blade cut through the flesh between her shoulder and spine. She stumbled forward enough to spin around to face her opponent. She gasped, her eyes wide when she recognized the face before her. Horos stood before her, baring two dirtied knives in his hands. "What?" she gasped, struggling to block out the pain streaking through her back.

Horos stared at her with his teal eyes and a dark grin grew on his face at her outburst "Dragon slayers," he said coldly, "The others left already, I wanted to stay and wait to finish you off myself."
Syris sputtered, trying to find words and logic. How? She felt the world falling apart around her.
He grinned at her obvious confusion and explained, "Actually, my name is Seth. The name Horos belongs to the owner of this," He held up the hand honing the dragon ring. "With this and colored contacts it was surprisingly easy to manipulate you. You led me right to the last large dragon family on earth." He gave her a courtly bow, knives still in hand "You have my thanks. But now I must finish my sworn job."

He wasted no time lunging at her, aiming for her chest but a thrown up arm took the hard blow as it slashed through her flesh. She snarled in pain and tried to back up and make space between them. She needed to escape. As she retreated the second knife came down across her collar bone. Her brain spun, trying to figure out the closest exit. She had been trained in self defense, but it did little good with her petite frame in comparison to this strong man. She did have agility on her side though. As Seth lunged for her again she quickly dove away with a roll and scurried to her feet in attempt to flee. Blood quickly flowed down into her eyelashes, telling her he had caught her face as she dove away, but she had to keep moving. She made a dash for the front room, leaping over furnature and feeling thrown knives nick her shoulders. Seth had caught up to her and grabbed her arm, Syris' momentum popping her shoulder out of place. She yelped in pain but let her instincts guide her as she quickly spun back towards the force pulling her and slammed a knee up between his ribs. He grunted in pain and this action cost her several cuts by her waist and thigh but bought her precious time as he needed to regain his breath. He had underestimated her. As she had the chance she swung her leg high and her momentum slammed her foot against his face, likely breaking his nose. As soon as her foot landed she sprinted towards the closest window, slamming herself against it with all of the force possible and it shattered around her. They had long ago replaced all the windows with glass more easy to break for this very reason. She covered her face with her arms but the rest of her body suffered glass wounds. As her feet hit the ground she started running and eyed the sky-- dark and cloudy. Perfect. She quickly shifted into her dragon form and shot herself up as high and quickly as possible to keep sighting opportunities at bay. Once safe above the clouds her brain was finally able to process the overwhelming amount of pain her body was in. She kept her consciousness though and flew in a direction she remembered as the mountaintop safe spot her family had planned for.

She reached the spot after nearly a half hour and collapsed onto the opening of the cave placed in a high mountain, a cliff on one side. She shifted back to her human form, her dragon body seeming overly heavy in her weakness and blood loss. Her yellow, dragon eyes could see better than human eyes in the dark, so extra light was not needed to find the canned foods and first aid kit hit in the cracks of the cave. Her parents had made preparations for an attack-- but the assumption was always that they would all make it away to this place. Syris stumbled over to the first aid kit, feeling the blood and sweat causing her clothing to stick to her body and coat her bare limbs. She took the kit and collapsed to the ground. She only now noticed the tears constantly flowing down her cheeks. She cried out in pain and whimpered as she poured alcohol on her many wounds. The ones on her arms she cauterized with a small stream of fire. Even in human form dragons had a level of fire-proofness to their skin, stinging but not the searing pain a normal human would feel. The other wounds she treated and covered best she could with medical pads and butterfly bandaids. When she finished the work she had focused on she scooted to lean against the wall of the cave and heaved a heavy sigh.

Her head swam and she felt numb emotionally. How had everything fallen apart so quickly? What would she do now, by herself? She had nothing. What reason now did she have even to live? She eyed the edge of the cliff before her; an easy way out. This world, those creatures, had taken everything from her. Her love, joy, peace, hope, family-- everything. That is, everything but her stubbornness. She then made a decision, in the darkest moment of her life, having lost everything. She thought of the best revenge she could get on the people who had destroyed her life. She would spit in the face of humanity-- and she would survive.
Syris Backstory
Hi friends! If you've been watching me for a LONG time you remember the stories/chapters I used to write for Syris. I've recently revamped her backstory and got it all written down again (partially because I can't stop drawing her so people keep asking who she is haha). I'm much happier with this now and it makes sense and lines up with her personality much better than it did before. So enjoy! And let me know if anyone would be interested in a web comic type thing for her. I'm starting to consider it. 
Hope y'all enjoy it!

Writer and owner of character: Kirsten McKenzie


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